Reflection on search & selection

And the winner is…


How did I locate and select Think101x?

  1. I randomly searched for online courses…
  2. I started a few…mainly how-to courses on
  3. I did a needs analysis on myself…
  4. Searched The 50 best free online courses of all time↑! by ↑(online course search engine)
  5. I looked at popular choice, Learning how to learn↑, but didn’t go ahead as it looked like you had to pay
  6. I previewed Think101x course overview video and read student reviews
  7. I selected Think101x to fulfil my needs:
    • free, self-paced professional course developed by a reputable university created by and with experts
    • a highly rated course as reviewed by former students
    • the course enables me to incorporate what I learn from the design perspective and content in the courses I design – the course is conceptual rather than technical
    • improves my own thinking, learning and understanding
    • direct application in my own life
  8. I started episode 1 of 12 and liked what I learnt
  9. I was motivated to continue by the personable teachers, interesting interviews, and activities that made links from the content that I am learning to ‘real’ life

I have immersed myself quickly and am up to episode 4. There is one interesting point though made by Professor Richard Nesbitt↑ in episode 3 that made me think that all this reflection on my search and selection was rather pointless as:

"...we have no real insights into the determinants of our own behaviour..."

So I wonder really if there was any point to my search and selection process and whether my random choice would have been just as good?

Are we in control of our own decisions?

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