Quality in Learning Design

Terry Anderson gave a presentation about the Quality of Online Learning (2016). The title question he posed was:

Quality Online Teaching and Learning – Is it really different than campus-based education?

In his blog he provides the following answer:

It Depends! – not least of which depends on the pedagogy employed

His presentation resonated with me for 2 reasons. First, it dawned on me that I have judged the Networked and Global Learning course through a social constructivist pedagogy lens as this is my and my fellow students’ preferred way of learning and teaching. The course was build using connectivist pedagogy and therefore some of us had difficulty with the openness, student/teacher role definition, artefact creation, privacy and perceived disorder of the course. Upon reflection, I can see that the course has been effective in using connectivist pedagogy as we have build and shared artefacts, developed and assessed networks, and critically evaluated resources which Anderson (2016) indicates as quality in connectivist pedagogy.

The second reason why Anderson’s slides were so useful is that I will be able to use this to in my role as Online Educational Designer to assess the quality of online learning by measuring it against the pedagogical approach used.

To summarise Anderson’s presentations I have adapted some of his slides.

Quality depends on pedagogy





cc_88x31 These images were based on Terry Anderson’s Online quality Mexico SlideShare presentation available at http://www.slideshare.net/terrya/online-quality-mexico. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International – CC by 4.0.


Anderson, T. (2016) Quality in Online Learning Presentation. Virtual Canuck: Teaching and Learning in a Net-centric World. Retrieved from http://virtualcanuck.ca/2016/09/28/quality-in-online-learning-presentation/

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