Our little class

When I enrolled into Networked & Global Learning course, David contacted me as I was the only person enrolled. How would the course be provided considering there was only one connection, teacher to student. Luckily more students joined and the course is being delivered as before. Something I had not picked up on, but Natalie did, is that some students have dropped out. Natalie points out:

…students will always prefer to interact with other students in the “here and now”, whether it be online or face-to-face. Interacting with a post, where there is little chance of a response, has limited appeal.

I totally agree with her and have indeed struggled with this course because of the lack of interaction with other students and teacher. It would be valuable to know why the students dropped out.

The way I have tried to resolve this is by talking to colleagues and friends about the course – and this is exactly what networked learning is about. We seek our own networks for learning.

Interestingly, it might well be the reason that we have a small class that is bonding us together, the stalwarts remain 😉 determined to make it work. Miranda‘s question ‘Do these virtual learning environments where people can speak with each other give enough of a human connection that learners sometimes seek?’ is something that our little class is about to explore thanks to Natalie who is organising an online session.

I look forward to sharing online.

Yours virtually,


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