…other tools and collaborating

In my previous post, Diigo and other tools, I talked about how I hand write to make sense of information and that I have not found Diigo or Mendeley useful for this type of activity (for me). The dimension that I failed to address is that both Diigo and Mendeley offer the opportunity for people to collaborate but that the method in both cases does not suit me.

I use Google Docs (docs, slides, forms, sheets) extensively to collaborate at work and study. Google Docs has without a doubt completely transformed the way I work and study. Why?

  1. Visual layout and use is simple and clear…intuitive…its ‘outward simplicity creates inner calm
  2. No more saving – documents are saved automatically to Google Drive
  3. Sharing – I can link and embed documents anywhere I want
  4. Editing – I can give editing rights to others and we can synchronously edit a document (example below)
  5. Storing – one place to store my documents with multiple access points: mobile phone, laptop, work computer, via LMS etc … all I need is a browser and internet connection…although…
  6. Offline – I can work on documents offline and sync them when I am connected again

So I had an idea!

For students of the NGL course to collaborate using a Google Doc. I have embedded one below, you do not even need a Google account to edit to this document.

Please note: I am not sure if the embed code is going to work, so I will also provide a link to the document. If you have Google Drive then you can add this document to it 🙂

The topic…why not assignment 2? Ideas how NGL can be used that will help you as a teacher. Also useful for assignment 1, formal blog post ‘as a teacher’.  I have written 2 ideas to kick start the document, How will NGL inform you as a teacher? I look forward to collaborating with you:


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