One most like me

I have chosen Natalie’s Blog as the person who is most like me in this course. The reason I have chosen Natalie is that she is as engaged as I am in trying to understand and learn in the course and understand the concepts presented. She has been active on her blog and on the StudyDesk and responded to my queries – I feel a connection with her.

Natalie has also already enlightened me on an understanding of Networked and Global Learning that I had not previously considered but find most beneficial in progressing with the course. She wrote in her as a student blog:

I would like to consider Networked Global Learning as a integral and practical teaching tool; using it frequently to enhance the students’ learning experience by providing a meaningful way of navigating the information labyrinth.

I had not considered seeing NGL as a teaching tool to help students to navigate the information labyrinth. Natalie is right, these networks would be a guide for students in how to act online. This idea links in nicely with the idea of identity in Communities of Practice as discussed by Jawitz (2009). By engaging in a community that acts in a certain way the student can learn how to be that way themselves. This can be seen in how students behave in the social networked world, via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, their behaviour there is influenced by their friends’ behaviour and what they most want to be like.

This leads me nicely to the student who is least like me in NGL course.

Jawitz, J. (2009). Academic identities and communities of practice in a professional discipline. Teaching in Higher Education, 14(3), 241–251.

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