One least like me

The person in the course that is least like me was harder to choose due to the limited blog posts available from the other students. I have chosen Adam, Adam does NGL blog. The main reason I have chosen Adam is that is he is male. It will be interesting to get another gender’s perspective on Networked and Global Learning. In Adam’s blog post, Community Influences on Learner Identity, he inserted a YouTube clip, The Art of Manliness, that strongly supported his view that:

…one of the keys to achieving goals and becoming the person you aim to be is to “pretend” and mimic that identity.

A nice synergy is established between Adam’s idea about pretending to be something you want to be and Natalie’s idea of engaging in a community that acts in a certain way so that the student can learn how to be that way themselves. I look forward to seeing more ideas blend in this way between the yin and yang of blog posts.


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