As a learner

I would like to learn Swing Dancing because I love music and dancing. The dancing I have done has been free style (and I don’t do it anymore!) but I’d like to learn something more structured where you really have to move. I have stopped myself from pursuing dancing as I have never had a partner who wanted to join me.

I think the benefits of learning Swing Dancing via NGL will be that I will actually do it as it has become part of the ‘course’ I am doing. I have already done a bit of research online and discovered that there is a Swing Dancing Club at the university where I work. Through attending I will be able to create a social network, get fit but also develop my brain network: Dancing and the Brain. Swing dancing will help me be a better learner.

The main barrier is time.

Learning is something you do all your life in all aspects of your life, ultimately it develops you as a person.

Swing dancing is connected and global learning:

One, Two from Miranda Stewart on Vimeo.

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